This game was made for GDQ One Mechanic Game Jam 5

Follow a journey of a witch to find her vampire boyfriend to settle the score with him!
Beware! you might become very big or very small.
Can your survive more than 10 waves?

Press D key for right attack 

Press A key for left attack 

Kill enemy to fill Special bar 

Hit enemy to fill up HP bar

*This game is still in prototype stage to test the idea. Do support me if you like the game.

Join us:




- Added push mechanic when hitting enemies.

-Fixed collider when attacking enemies to be more precise.

credit : for evil laugh male horror 2 for theme


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The graphic is good.

The gameplay is good, fun to play.

And I might get addicted, haha. need to get through wave 10 no matter what. XD

Expecting different types of enemies after wave 10.

Keep up the good work.